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There are so many times that I have tried and failed continuously to lose weight. Looking fit & healthy has always been a dream for me esp after my second delivery last year in 2020. This dream came true only after I met Dr Jyoti Singh that I started this incredible weight loss journey which not only made me lose weight, but also brought about a significant change in my lifestyle. Dr. Jyoti’s programme is not just about healthy meal plans but it makes simple lifestyle changes that greatly enhance the quality of life and decrease the risk of developing lifestyle diseases. 

Dr Jyoti is a one of a kind nutritionist. She portrays a high level of professionalism & sincerity. With her friendly nature & approach she connects very well with her clients. Her personal assessment makes her unique. There was always one to one interaction between us and she readily addressed all my doubts & queries! Let me tell you all her medical advice worked wonders for me. She has variety to offer!! 

Why I Think Dr Jyoti Is The Best Nutritionist In India?

I enrolled myself in her 3 month plan and I really appreciate how her plan worked so magically for me and guess what? I lost 14 kgs !! It all began with a proper blood culture before starting the plan to know my health status and there I came to know that my sugar was on the higher side. Else I wouldn’t have known. All thanks to her. Her customised meals are very do ables and nutritious. I could easily manage those meals with a 9-month-old old baby. Her high quality meal kept me active all day & improved my stamina. Besides losing weight my recurring (post pregnancy) headaches, backaches, bloating, indigestion, body-aches have all disappeared even my blood sugar level got normalised. This is how I realised the importance of eating a healthy &  nutrient rich diet as it plays a major role. With her advice I started with exercises and strength training which is now very much a part of my lifestyle now. She taught me to discipline myself that helped me to achieve this ideal weight. She’s constantly there to support which makes you go. I still discuss my progress with her because this bond is forever now. 

Magical Transformation

Once again thank you so much Dr Jyoti for your constant guidance and mentoring. This lifestyle change will benefit me all my life. It has indeed been an awesome journey with you and the three months of weight loss felt so easy that I could never ever imagine. Guys losing weight is not rocket science. What you need is the proper guidance of a nutritionist like Dr Jyoti. I heartily & highly recommend Dr Jyoti to those who have been struggling to lose weight.

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Dr. Jyoti Singh

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