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Kept me Motivated to Reach My Goals
Dr. Jyoti is an amazing nutritionist and a lifestyle coach. Through her guidance and support, I lost weight, gained more energy, and improved my vital health parameters. She helped me via a customized meal and exercise plan. She kept me motivated by diligently keeping me on track with my goals. Her empathy and care for her customers set her apart, and she was always there to help overcome any barriers. Her mastery of the complex field of health and nutrition is evident from her credentials and client's success stories. I wish her all the success in her professional and personal endeavors and recommend her to anyone who wants to make a profound change to their health and well-being.
Adnan J. Qureshi
Dr Jyoti teaches you the art of eating food

I used to frequently see these before-and-after pictures of people who have lost weight and find them to be completely unrealistic. I cannot lose even 500 gms, so how is this even possible? "If you want to go to a place where you know the plan will work, go to Dr. Jyoti! Infact my name was registered as a failed candidate across all dietitian/ nutritionist not just in Hyderabad but also some big names who have helped the film industry. I have tried everything from vlcc, true weight keto diet , gm diet and finalized gave up. Every morning I used to stand up on the weighing scale and used to see depressed as to why is the needle going up. My thyroid med was going up from 50mcg to 75 mcg to 88 mcg and finally when I met Dr Jyoti I was taking 100 mcg and to top it all I had acute back ache which was not coming down with physio. I first week I started my journey it was difficult but Dr Jyoti kept in touch everyday and helped me in the moments when I wanted to give up. Within first week I released that she gives a lot of personal attention that motivates you to go on. Her diet was not cut paste from some book but very personalized basis your medical condition. She was there to help clear smallest of doubt and would be strict when I would eat something that I shouldn’t be eating. With my work schedule and covid second wave going on I was not able to go down of for a walk/ exercise but she kept suggesting things I could do at home and helped me in the journey. Three months later I am 7 kg lesser, my thyroid med is now at 50 mcg and I don’t have a back ache. What is the best thing is I am writing this review after a month of finishing the course with Dr Jyoti and I am still at the same weight and my weight hasn’t gone up. That is because Dr Jyoti teaches you the art of eating food and the science behind the nutrition. That’s why I tell Dr Jyoti you have been my God. I have been very fortunate to meet this lovely lady so full of life, so compassionate, so knowledgeable and above all genuinely interested in helping you in your journey of being healthy. Thank you Dr Jyoti – People like you are very few.

Deepti Varma
HR Director, Amazon Corporate- APAC and Middle East
Six month Dietetics Diploma to update my Nutrition knowledge
It’s been a very rewarding and knowledgable experience to have studied a six month Dietetics Diploma to update my Nutrition knowledge after my MSc in Foods and therapeutic nutrition, under the expert guidance of Dr. Jyoti. She portrays a high level of professional knowledge in field of nutrition. Her comprehensive approach combined with indepth personalized assessment makes her a very unique nutritionist. She firmly believes that eating right and regular exercise will enable her clients to achieve and maintain their personal health goals. It’s been a pleasure to have studied and worked with Dr. Jyoti.
Rima Bajwa
Dr. Jyoti's nutrition plans work a full 100%

If you want to go to a place knowing that the plan will work, head straight to Dr. Jyoti! I have seen Dr. Jyoti's nutrition plans work a full 100% for not just me but every single person she has worked with in my circle of friends - perhaps more than 20-25 people in just the last 3-4 months alone. She is foolproof and that is because her plans are strongly founded in the science of nutrition. My own experience with Dr. Jyoti has been incredible. Although I have never been overweight and I wasn't when I went to Dr. Jyoti, the extra 3-4 kilos I had gained over 6-8 months were the most stubborn I have ever had. I blame it on my hormones. Before I started with Dr. Jyoti, I had consulted with other fancy "dieticians" and paid almost 10 times more with zero result - forget losing even 100gms, I just kept gaining weight despite their plans. As a woman going through natural hormonal changes, I felt like I had to do something right now before it became an issue a few years down the road. And of course with Dr. Jyoti, I shed all the kilos I had gained and some more! What's different about Dr. Jyoti other than the scientific, meticulously planned meals? Her positivity and perseverance - even if you are feeling beat, you know she has your back. She never gives up on you. Her genuine interest in your well being - she goes all out and far far out of her way, and then some more to make sure you are looking after yourself - from gently nudging you not to cheat to dropping a call every now and then to check on you to a little pep talk to get you through those difficult days of the plan.. she is there with you every single step of the way. "Ho jayega Priya" she would say and my commitment is all she ever asked in return! I have regained my health back but I gained a confidante, a genuine well wisher, and a friend for life in Dr. Jyoti.

Ms. Priya Singh
Head of strategy and innovation (Europe and Asia) public sector Google Cloud
High level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes
She demonstrates professionalism and sincerity in every endeavor she undertakes. I had the pleasure of being introduced to her for nutrition and weight loss counseling by our friend Aditi Soni. She taught me the meaning of healthy eating and living through her program, which has helped me lose weight for the first time. My eating habits were not restricted by Dr. Jyoti, but rather I was introduced to healthier alternatives.
Mr Gaurav, GM (operations)
Shipping corporation Singapore
Reversed PCOS & Cholestrol Issues
In my search for a diet consultants to help me with a proper diet for PCOS, I found Dr. Jyoti in an article online. In our first few calls she asked me to run some tests to figure out what kind of a diet I would need. She was very friendly and asked a lot of questions. My husband also decided to go ahead on the diet with me to help with his cholestrol issues. We started the 3-month program in July. Before the program both me and my husband had been very active and exercising without any results to show for it weight wise. I was amazed to see that such small changes indiet can have such an effect on health. She introduced us to a lot of new ingredients in our diet like millets, jowar which even our 3 year old has started to like. She was able to create a diet plan which worked for both me and my husband without having to cook two separate sets of meals. I am vegetarian and my husband is not. She was able to customize the diet for both. The diet involved eating smaller portions frequently without staying hungry or excluding any food groups out of the meal. All the while, we had constant conversations with Dr. Jyoti and she was constantly motivating us. The diet combined with the exercise proved to be the missing ingredient for our weight loss journey with significant and visible improvement for both of us. A healthy diet is part of our lifestyle now thanks to Dr. Jyoti. Even after the program we still talk to her ask for recommendations and she replies to us. I will highly recommend Dr. Jyoti to anyone who is looking for a healthy lifestyle.
Bhakti Khitoliya
Controlled by BP at the Age of 79 with Dr Jyoti's Help
I, Kumar Saini as being a senior citizen at the age of 79 enjoyed my diet with Dietitian Dr Jyoti Singh a lot. I really appreciate the knowledge she has and the help she gave me to look at things in a more healthy way. I had started my diet when I was 80 kgs and she helped me to loose 7 kgs in three months which brought me to 73 kgs. I am glad to see that previous my BP used to be at around 140 that came to around 130 which is a positive response from my body to her diet. I highly recommend Dr. Jyoti as she changed my lifestyle. I really want to thank her for the awesome results. Stay Blessed... and Keep Growing.
Kumar Saini