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Dr. Jyoti Singh

Double Gold medalist highly qualified practicing nutritionist in India

Dr Jyoti Singh Nutritionist

Dr. Jyoti is living her dream of making everyone healthy and fit. Her diet consultation portal is a complete healthy food and nutrition manual with a compendium of published articles, tried & tested recipes, videos, tips & trivia and a wealth of information on the various issues related to weight loss and therapeutic diets.

A leading authority on nutrition and holistic therapies with a Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition, Dr. (Mrs.) Jyoti Singh , is a published nutrition author and a renowned diet consultant. She has been writing various articles in nutrition for Hindustan Times and Times of India .

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Her articles have appeared in many renowned journals like Journal of Research, SKUAST-J, Himachal Journal of Agricultural Research, Beverage and Food World, and Journal of Dairying, Foods & Home Sciences to name a few. Dr. Jyoti’s research on soybeans has revealed numerous important characteristics about soybean paneer (Tofu). She has won a number of scholarships for her B.Sc, M.Sc, and Ph.D. degrees due to her exemplary academic performance. She also has two gold medals to her credit. Dr. Jyoti has also done research work on food consumption behaviour and nutrient adequacy of Indian army personnel.

In addition to being a leading expert in nutrition, she is also a well-known speaker and broadcaster, with several talk shows and a couple of programmes on Channel Punjab. Dr. Jyoti Singh is a highly qualified practising nutritionist with over eight years of formal education in the field, including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees.


Professional Qualification

Dr. Jyoti Singh is a highly qualified practicing nutritionist with eight plus years of academic exposure to the subject via formal, full-time, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees. She is conferred with a doctorate in Food Science and Nutrition (CSK HPKV, Palampur).

Experience/Professional Background

Dr. Jyoti Singh has more than sixteen years of professional experience, exclusively in the nutrition field.

  • Worked as a nutrition faculty in the educational institute of a top slimming and beauty company. Her role included conducting nutrition and dietetics classes for the full time course students and coordinating the nutrition correspondence courses as well.
  • Worked as a guest lecturer in Government Home Science College, Chandigarh. Her responsibilities included conducting nutrition and dietetics classes (theory/practical) for B.Sc and M.Sc (Nutrition) students.
  • Worked as an academic counsellor (IGNOU) for master’s degree (M.Sc) DFSM in Government College for women, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu. Her responsibilities included conducting nutrition and dietetics classes (theory/practical) for M.Sc (DFSM) students.
  • Running her own diet clinic “Dr. Jyoti’s Nutrition Pearls” since 2006.

Academic Achievements

A university first rank holder and a double gold medalist Dr. Jyoti Singh was also felicitated for her academic achievements during her graduation, post graduation and doctorate.

  • Gold Medal awarded twice, at the state and university level.
  • Merit scholarship holder throughout B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D.
  • National eligibility test (NET) Qualified.


  • H.R.Sharma, Jyoti Parmar and Ranjana Verma. 2004. Physical, Nutritional and Sensory characteristics of cookies supplemented with tofu and okara solids. Abstract published in souvenir of 36 thannual meeting of Nutrition Society of India, Mysore.EN-73: p-143.
  • Jyoti Parmar, H.R. Sharma, Poonam Singh and Ranjana Verma. 2005. Physical, Nutritional and Sensory Attributes of Maize Chapattis Supplemented with Tofu, Okara and Soy Flour. Journal of Research, SKUAST-J, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology -J 4(2): pp 242-246.
  • Jyoti Parmar, H.R. Sharma, Poonam Singh and Ranjana Verma 2005. Supplementation of Indian flat bread (Chapattis) with okara: Effects on physical and nutritional qualities. Himachal Journal of Agricultural Research 31(2): pp140-145.
  • Jyoti Parmar, H.R. Sharma and Ranjana Verma. 2006. Physical and nutritional profiles of wheat chapattis supplemented with soy flour and tofu solids. Beverage and Food World (In Press).
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  • Jyoti Parmar, H.R. Sharma and Ranjana Verma 2006 Effect of Coagulants and Drying on the Physico-chemical Characteristics of Tofu Communicated to Himachal Journal of Agricultural Research on 25-8-06.
  • Jyoti Parmar, H.R. Sharma and Ranjana Verma 2007. Effect of Source And Coagulants On The Physico-Chemical And Organoleptic Evaluation Of Soy Tofu. Journal of Dairying, Foods & Home Sciences. Agricultural research and Communication Centre, Karnal 26(2): pp 69-74.

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