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Ladies, it’s now to put “YOURSELF FIRST”. Stop ignoring yourself and your body just to take care of family.

Nutritionist for Weight loss

In order to lose weight effectively, weight loss programmes should stimulate fat loss while retaining as much muscle as possible. Comprehensive & Customized Weight Loss Program for Weight and Inch Loss or having Lifestyle Diseases or Elementary Medical Conditions.

You can get the optimum and sustainable weight loss through the right combination of food strategies with Indian, International, Fusion, and easy to follow diet plans, home cooked food, and our secret tips & tricks.

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Nutrition Plans For Weight Loss

How Can I help with Sustainable Weight Loss

Nutrition Counselling

I educate and counsel you at every step of the way. I will speak with you to inform and educate you about the foods that suit your body type.

Sustainable Results

My natural weight loss approach delivers sustainable results & I will educate you on how to maintain your weight after you’ve completed it.

No Calorie Concept

A key focus of my diet program is to determine whether food suits the body and to increase metabolism by identifying the causes.

Personalized & Customized

Each plan is tailored to your age, gender, level of physical activity, food preferences, travel schedule, and work schedule.

Easy to Follow

In order to achieve weight loss goals, it is crucial that patients adhere diligently to the diets they are prescribed.

Support 24*7

To assist you at any time, I provide complete support through Phone, WhatsApp,
email etc.


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    How much weight I will lose in a month?

    You must be disciplined and determined to lose weight. Furthermore, the weight loss achieved by our balanced diet is 3-6kg, which will not return to you ever again. You can lose weight and add all the proteins, vitamins, and minerals you need by eating a diet like this.

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    What kind of diet do you provide?

    A healthy diet and routine are the cornerstones of our meal plans. My diets are customized depending on your health needs, your health goals, and your taste preferences. Diet plans will change each week based on your progress.

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    Do I have to starve myself to lose weight?

    Not at all. Losing weight does not require starvation. A conventional routine and good nutrition will help you lose stubborn weight or fat. When you eat every meal in a defined portion, you can lose weight.

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    Will my weight bounce back once I stop with the diet?

    Not at all. My diet plan will help you understand what a healthy lifestyle is and how to incorporate and follow it always. Thus, the weight loss you achieve during the diet plan I offer you is forever and you achieve a healthy lifestyle with me.

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    What sorts of enhancements are prescribed to help accelerate weight reduction?

    You shouldn’t take any weight loss supplements or prescriptions. The best way to lose weight is to get an online weight loss consultant with a lifestyle of good eating habits and normal work, and to discover how to control your cravings.

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    Can I extend my weight loss plan to more than 3 months?

    No, I offer weight loss only for 3 months if your weight is less than 100 kgs. Because in these 3 months with me, I assure you that you will start following the path of healthy living. And if your weight is more than 100 kgs, then I offer you a diet plan for 6 months.

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From Our Visitors

Kept me Motivated to Reach My Goals
Dr. Jyoti is an amazing nutritionist and a lifestyle coach. Through her guidance and support, I lost weight, gained more energy, and improved my vital health parameters. She helped me via a customized meal and exercise plan. She kept me motivated by diligently keeping me on track with my goals. Her empathy and care for her customers set her apart, and she was always there to help overcome any barriers. Her mastery of the complex ...
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Adnan J. Qureshi
Dr Jyoti teaches you the art of eating food

I used to frequently see these before-and-after pictures of people who have lost weight and find them to be completely unrealistic. I cannot lose even 500 gms, so how is this even possible? "If you want to go to a place where you know the plan will work, go to Dr. Jyoti! Infact my name was registered as a failed candidate across all dietitian/ nutritionist not just in Hyderabad but also some ...

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Deepti Varma
HR Director, Amazon Corporate- APAC and Middle East
Six month Dietetics Diploma to update my Nutrition knowledge
It’s been a very rewarding and knowledgable experience to have studied a six month Dietetics Diploma to update my Nutrition knowledge after my MSc in Foods and therapeutic nutrition, under the expert guidance of Dr. Jyoti. She portrays a high level of professional knowledge in field of nutrition. Her comprehensive approach combined with indepth personalized assessment makes her a very unique nutritionist. She firmly believes that eating right and regular exercise will enable her ...
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Rima Bajwa
Dr. Jyoti's nutrition plans work a full 100%

If you want to go to a place knowing that the plan will work, head straight to Dr. Jyoti! I have seen Dr. Jyoti's nutrition plans work a full 100% for not just me but every single person she has worked with in my circle of friends - perhaps more than 20-25 people in just the last 3-4 months alone. She is foolproof and that is because her plans are strongly founded ...

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Ms. Priya Singh
Head of strategy and innovation (Europe and Asia) public sector Google Cloud
High level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes
She demonstrates professionalism and sincerity in every endeavor she undertakes. I had the pleasure of being introduced to her for nutrition and weight loss counseling by our friend Aditi Soni. She taught me the meaning of healthy eating and living through her program, which has helped me lose weight for the first time. My eating habits were not restricted by Dr. Jyoti, but rather I was introduced to healthier alternatives.
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Mr Gaurav, GM (operations)
Shipping corporation Singapore