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Why Should You consult me for Your Child’s Nutrition Program?

Child Nutritionist

Childhood is a time of growth and improvement for all of us. Nutrition is perhaps the most significant aspect of childhood. A Child Nutritionist understand this and is a best guide for your child. As a child develops, food preferences and eating habits evolve. Furthermore, youth stoutness and inactivity and active work inclinations are increasing significantly. The utilization of low-quality outside nourishment as well as working guardians has increased in recent years.

A poor diet during a child’s early stages can undermine the effects of inadequate supplements impacting the child’s well-being, mobility, and strength. . To prevent any problems in the future, I recommend guided advice from an experienced Child Nutritionist in the most reliable and straightforward manner.

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Nutrition Plans For Children

 Why Dr Jyoti is the Best Child Nutritionist for your Child?

Personalised Consultations

Child diet plans are devised based on individual child’s needs, with the right combination and suffering of daily diets in order to boost the child’s immune system and support their growth.

Easy Meals Designed for Kids

Based on the SWOT analysis of your body, we will make a custom meal plan for you that ensures you get to eat what you love, and that promotes a healthy metabolism naturally.

Emotional & Mental Wellness

A child nutritionist is the first one you need to see if your kid is experiencing nervousness, ADHD, mental imbalance, and so on. The issue can be analyzed and treated if considered at the right time.

Adolescent Nutrition

We are here to help if your child is struggling with obesity. Your child can be helped to establish healthier eating habits and set realistic goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Toddler Nutrition

Toddlers can be challenging to feed on their own. Some children can be picky eaters, which usually causes mothers to worry if their baby is getting the proper nutrition.

Newborn and Infant Nutrition

Child Nutritionist determines whether your newborn is getting enough milk and growing properly when a mother is breastfeeding. Book a consultation  today!


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    Does a kid's nutritional requirement is same as adults?

    There is no difference in the need for a balanced diet for kids and adults, but their recommended daily amounts are different. As kids grow and develop, they need some extra nutrition.
    In order to grow up healthy and to achieve a later adulthood, children need to eat regularly.

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    How do we make kids have more vegetables in their diet?

    Greens aren’t kids’ favourite food, but we can constantly come up with new ways to prepare them. By mixing them with their favorite foods, we can entice them to consume them. We must start from the very beginning. Then suddenly expect them to eat healthily after giving them poorly at the start.

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    How do I add fruits if my child doesn't like to eat fruits?

    You can make fruit custard, homemade ice creams, fruit smoothies, etc., after consulting Dr Jyoti Singh. With help of personalised and unique diet plan for children, we can all the required nutrients in their child.

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    What to do if my child only wants one kind of food?

    Parental assertions that their children are “obsessed” with certain foods are often overemphasised. Diversity may be the real culprit here. A child’s nutrition will be limited if they can only have one type of food. Schedule a consultation today.

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    Is it okay to give my child sweets?

    It is impossible to have too many great things in life, including sweets. Recurring exposure to sweets can lead your kids to develop a preference for only sweet foods since taste choices are formed at such an early age. Save sweets for special occasions rather than giving them daily. By incorporating sweets into your child’s diet occasionally, you will help them develop stronger taste choices at a young age. For more information, contact the best nutritionist in India.

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    What is the right age for my child to join gym?

    It is advised that 18 above is the best age where the benefits of working out at a gym can be achieved without any trouble. It can result in a robust, muscular, lean, and healthy physique in men and a shapely, lean, and healthy figure in women.

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Dr. Jyoti's nutrition plans work a full 100%

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High level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes
She demonstrates professionalism and sincerity in every endeavor she undertakes. I had the pleasure of being introduced to her for nutrition and weight loss counseling by our friend Aditi Soni. She taught me the meaning of healthy eating and living through her program, which has helped me lose weight for the first time. My eating habits were not restricted by Dr. Jyoti, but rather I was introduced to healthier alternatives.
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